Blue Lock Chapter 238: Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Count Down, Color Page & More

The most recent buzz among followers of this well-liked Japanese manga series, which debuted in August 2018, is about Blue Lock Chapter 238. The manga has been published for a worldwide audience by Kodansha USA from January 2021, significantly boosting its popularity.

Blue Lock, which focuses on the exhilarating world of sports, has become a favorite among readers, especially young football lovers.

The most recent information about Blue Lock Chapter 238 will be covered in this article, along with its publication date, any potential spoilers, raw scans, and other fascinating information.

Blue Lock Chapter 238 Key Highlights

  • Official Release: On October 25, 2023, Blue Lock Chapter 238 is scheduled to make its public debut. On October 22, 2023, raw scans or spoilers might be made accessible for individuals who can’t wait.
  • Intriguing Twist: Readers are shocked by Hitsuji’s response to Kiyoshi’s directives. The fear centers on the potential for a shocking betrayal and its ramifications.

Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoiler

Hiori is surrounded by tenacious opponents who are all trying to steal the ball from him as Chapter 238 progresses. Niko and Aiku are positioned in front of him, and Kaiser is stationed on his left, cautiously watching over him. Aryu and an unknown Ubers player join the Isagi defense.

Hiori is also aware of Isagi’s seemingly effective surprise plan. Many spectators believe Isagi will use a bicycle kick to score the winning goal. This theory has merit because of how close they were to the goalpost. It would be amazing to see Isagi carry off such a risky maneuver.

With Kaiser close next to Hiori, Isagi must act quickly, knowing that Kaiser will not let the ball slide through his fingers. This heightens the competition between Isagi and Kaiser, resulting in an exciting moment in the match.

Intriguingly, the next chapter promises a clash between Bastard Munchen and PxG. This highly anticipated match excites spectators, especially since Isagi and Rin are playing together. Sindou’s addition on the PxG team raises the stakes even higher. This egoist league final game promises to be an epic confrontation.

Blue Lock Chapter 238 Release Date

Official Release: The publication of Blue Lock Chapter 238 is slated on October 25, 2023. This date is widely anticipated by readers all over the world who want to continue their football trip.

Chapter 238 Reddit Spoiler Release Date

There are no Chapter 238 spoilers available at the time of writing. Typically, 3–4 days before to the scheduled release, spoilers are anticipated to appear. Reddit is a good place for fans to follow debates and rumors regarding the imminent release. Chapter 238 spoilers are likely to be released on October 22, 2023.

Blue Lock Chapter 238 Reddit Spoiler Release Date

Blue Lock 238 Raw Scan Release Date

Like spoilers, Chapter 238 raw scans are highly anticipated by fans. A few days before the formal release, raw scans are typically accessible. On or around October 22, 2023, fans should expect to be able to obtain raw scans of Chapter 238. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that seeing raw scans without supporting the official release can have a negative effect on the series’ creators and future.

Where To Read Blue Lock Chapter 238

Readers can access Chapter 238 on the Kodansha website and app as soon as it becomes available. Blue Lock is accessible to a broad spectrum of readers because it is offered in both physical and digital formats.

Football fans and manga fans are getting ready for another exciting chapter as Blue Lock Chapter 238 approaches. When it launches officially on October 25, 2023, don’t miss the thrilling advancements!

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