Blueface Tweets Controversial Images of Son’s Hernia Spark Outrage and Memes Online

Rapper Blueface Controversial tweets on social media when he posted graphic photos of his son on X, then known as Twitter, and claimed the boy had an inguinal hernia. The contentious tweets have sparked a storm of fury and disbelief online, sparking a flood of memes and criticism. The tale behind Blueface’s tweets and Chrisean Rock’s response is explored in this piece, revealing insight on the grave medical condition at the center of this public dispute.

Blueface Controversial Tweets

On September 24, 2023, Blueface posted unpleasant comments about his on-and-off girlfriend Chrisean Rock as well as pictures of his infant son’s genitalia on the social media platform X. He stated in one tweet, “This is how my son’s genitalia look, and she’s mostly concerned about me.” First, tend to our son’s health, and then do anything you like. He added to the uproar by saying that his child had not yet undergone the necessary surgery for the inguinal hernia.

Blueface branded Chrisean Rock a “bad mother” and said that she was purposely postponing their child’s surgery appointments to suit her own agenda. This was stated in another tweet that she had sent. His online outburst has startled and outraged internet users, and many are now debating whether it is appropriate to post such private photographs publicly.

Public Outcry and Memes Galore

Blueface’s tweets elicited a rapid and scathing response from the internet. Countless individuals expressed their outrage and disapproval, resulting in a cascade of memes and jokes mocking the rapper. While memes can often give amusement, the gravity of the matter should not be forgotten. Blueface’s actions not only surprised but also highlighted questions about privacy and consent, especially in the context of a minor’s health.

Understanding Inguinal Hernias

Inguinal hernias are a serious medical condition that should not be ignored. They develop as a lump in the groin or scrotum when a piece of the intestines protrudes through the abdominal wall. The Cleveland Clinic emphasizes the significance of prompt surgical intervention to avoid complications such as imprisonment or strangling, which can have serious effects such as tissue death owing to insufficient blood flow.

Chrisean Rock’s Response

Blueface made charges about Chrisean Rock online, and Chrisean Rock defended herself by stating that her son did, in fact, need surgery for his hernia. He does require surgery, but he didn’t have surgery, she said, attributing the delay to Blueface’s actions and remarks. His hernia requires surgery because of his father’s desire to spew such venom. She also responded to Blueface’s allegations about the live-streamed childbirth and stood up for herself in the face of his insults.

Blueface’s Counterclaims

Blueface, on the other hand, remained involved in the online fight, tweeting disparaging remarks about Chrisean Rock. He called her a “crack baby” and claimed he tried to have an abortion on her. Furthermore, he stated that he had seen medical professionals for the procedure but had missed a scheduled appointment two days earlier due to the doctors’ busy schedules.


The internet is in turmoil about the scandal surrounding Blueface’s disturbing comments and the wellbeing of his little son. The public can express themselves through memes and online fury, but it’s important to keep in mind that a child’s health is at risk. The developing narrative emphasizes the significance of confidentiality, permission, and appropriate social media use, particularly when it includes minors. As this tale develops, it serves as a sobering reminder of the influence and potential repercussions of online behavior.

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