Watch full video clip of Joe Westerman down on his knee | Joe Westerman Full Leaked Video

The player was caught on camera in an alley pleasuring a woman who happens to be his friend’s wife. Joe Westerman, a loose forward for the Castleford Tigers, was caught having sex with a woman who happens to be his friend’s wife. The Super League rugby player was expelled from his club and by his wife after being caught f***ing in an alley.

After the terrible seven-second clip went viral yesterday night, Castleford fined Westerman and required him to perform community service instructing children about the dangers of alcohol. He is currently being evicted from the family home in a West Yorkshire town by his 33-year-old wife Lauren.

Just prior to the start of the Super League season, the video was shot over the weekend. Prior to hosting St Helens in their Super League debut a week later, the Tigers take on Hull FC on the road on February 19.

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