Is Jungkook became the FIRST K-pop Solo Artist?

K-pop is no stranger to setting records and making history. Due to K-pop’s widespread appeal, its performers have accomplished outstanding exploits on national and worldwide platforms. Among them, South Korean boy band BTS member Jungkook has attracted a lot of interest for his solo work. But has he really made history by becoming the first solo K-pop artist to hold such a title? We shall examine Jungkook’s solo career in this article and determine whether he is the first to reach this extraordinary milestone.

Is Jungkook became the FIRST K-pop Solo Artist?

Yes, Jungkook Break the record to became the FIRST K-pop solo artist with “Seven,” “3D,” and “Too Much” simultaneously charting in the Top 10 of Spotify’s Global Daily Chart.

Jungkook Solo Career

Born Jeon Jungkook, Jungkook rose to stardom as BTS’s lead vocalist and the group’s youngest member. His solo endeavor, however, began with the publication of his track “Begin” on BTS’s 2016 album “Wings.” He eventually released a number of more solo tunes and covers, displaying his flexibility as an artist. This was the start of his solo efforts.

The Case for Jungkook

It is impossible to dispute Jungkook’s status as a solo artist. His solo songs, like “Euphoria,” “My Time,” and “Still With You,” have received a lot of praise from critics and are quite popular. Additionally, he has published cover songs and taken part in a number of solo projects, further establishing his status as an independent musician. As a result of the success of his solo work, Jungkook is now one of the most well-known and significant solo musicians in the K-pop sector.

It’s important to remember, though, that Jungkook is hardly the first K-pop performer to go solo. Solo musicians in K-pop have a long history of achieving extraordinary success on their own. Before Jungkook made his solo debut, artists like G-Dragon, Taeyeon, and Taemin, among others, had already established themselves as successful solo performers.


It’s vital to note that Jungkook is not the first K-pop solo artist, despite the fact that he has clearly made considerable progress as a solo artist within the K-pop market. Before him, solo acts in K-pop have enjoyed extraordinary success. Jungkook has made several notable contributions to the K-pop solo industry, and his talent and appeal are clear. He does, however, belong to a long line of significant solo musicians who have paved the way for upcoming K-pop star generations to flourish on their own.


1. Who is Jungkook?

Jeon Jungkook is the full name of South Korean singer, songwriter, and performer Jungkook. He is a part of BTS, one of the most well-known and significant K-pop groups in the world.

2. What is Jungkook’s role in BTS?

As the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook is referred to as the “Golden Maknae” of the group. He performs the roles of lead dancer, lead vocalist, and sub-rapper for BTS. He is renowned for having extraordinary talent in many areas of music and performance.

3. When was Jungkook born?

Jungkook was born in Busan, South Korea, on September 1, 1997. He would be 24 years old in 2023, according to my most recent information update in September 2021.

4. What are some of Jungkook’s solo projects?

Jungkook has done a number of solo ventures. He has released solo songs such as “Euphoria,” “My Time,” and “Still With You,” all of which have earned a lot of attention from fans. His solo covers and collaborations with other artists are equally well-known.

5. Has Jungkook won any awards for his work?

Yes, Jungkook and BTS have received various honours and prizes, including Billboard Music prizes, American Music Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards, among others. Jungkook’s talent and contributions as a member of BTS have received widespread acclaim.

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