Kingdom Chapter 771 Release Date, Time, Reddit Spoilers, and Where to Read Online

The world of manga fans is vibrating with excitement as famous manga creator Yasuhisa Hara releases Chapter 771, the next episode of the epic Kingdom comic series. This enthralling book transports readers to ancient China’s volatile Warring States period, when a young orphan called Shin dreams of becoming a great general and uniting China’s seven warring factions. We’ll look at the publication date, timing, potential Reddit spoilers, and where to read Kingdom Chapter 771 online in this post.

Kingdom Chapter 771 Release Date and Time

Chapter 771 will be released on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, for those who are impatiently expecting the next chapter of Kingdom. Here are the release times in various time zones to guarantee you don’t miss out:

PST: 9:00 AM
CST: 11:00 AM
KST: 12:00 AM
JST: 12:00 AM
EIT: 12:00 AM
2:00 AM AEST
EST: 12:00 PM
BST: 5:00 PM

Discover the Kingdom Universe

Since the Kingdom manga series’ 2006 publication in Weekly Young Jump, it has amassed a huge fan base. In addition to winning over the hearts of manga fans, its compelling plot has also inspired adaptations into anime series, computer games, and even a live-action movie. With over 70 million copies sold globally, Kingdom is proof of the lasting value of narrative.

Watch Quick Summary Kingdom Chapter 771 Release Date

Chapter 771 Preview: Secrets and Strategies

Chapter 771 promises to shed light on Heki and his enigmatic past. His participation in Qin’s forthcoming conflict with Hango is likely to be crucial. Meanwhile, the real scope of Ou Sen’s geopolitical intentions remains unknown, fostering a sense of expectancy among readers. Ou Sen may be drawing a parallel between capturing Hango and Gian, which might lead to a key narrative development. According to historical data, this campaign had a significant impact on Qin’s resources, and Zhao suffered significant losses during this conflict, making it difficult to prevent Qin from gaining control of Hango.

Where to Read Chapter 771

You’re in luck if you’re wondering how to obtain Kingdom Chapter 771. On Young Jump’s official website, readers will be able to read the engrossing manhwa series’ upcoming chapter online.


The excitement for what lies next in this fascinating and action-packed universe is evident as Kingdom fans impatiently await the release of Chapter 771. Kingdom, with its secrets, schemes, and rich historical backdrop, is a manga tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Mark your calendars for the release date, and prepare to return to Yasuhisa Hara’s intriguing environment. Don’t forget to visit the official Young Jump website to read the current chapter and participate in the debate with other Kingdom lovers.

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