Kingdom Chapter 773: Reddit Spoilers, Raw Scan, Release Date, Countdown & Newest Updates

Since its January 2006 serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump, Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom manga series has been engrossing readers. As of July 2023, Kingdom had issued 69 tank-bon volumes, solidifying its status as a titan in the manga industry.

The series, which is set against the backdrop of China’s Warring States era, gives a dramatized view into ancient history and has captivated a devoted following that anticipates each new installment with anticipation.

Kingdom Chapter 773 Release Date and Countdown

On October 21, 2023, the eagerly awaited Kingdom Chapter 773 is scheduled to make its public premiere. However, raw scans or spoilers should be accessible by October 18, 2023, for those who are hankering for a sneak glimpse.

It’s important to highlight that Heki, a character whose fate hangs in the balance, finds himself in a desperate situation while the readers eagerly anticipate this future chapter. Heki’s unshakable determination inspires the enslaved Qin men under his leadership to survive for the sake of their slain companions despite their yearning for death. Additionally, rumors about Ri Boku’s prospective plans at Hango start to circulate, adding intrigue to the story.

[Note: The countdown will cease when Kingdom Chapter 773 is officially released.]

Kingdom Chapter 773 English Raw Scan Release

The English raw scan release provides a priceless entry point into the Kingdom universe for non-Japanese speaking fans eagerly anticipating Chapter 773. Schedule October 18, 2023 on your calendars since that is when the English raw scans are anticipated to delight the online manga community.

The photographs that have leaked provide fans enticing glimpses of the drama and excitement they may expect as they speculate about the events that will take place in this chapter.

Kingdom Chapter 773 Reddit spoilers

English Spoilers Release Date

The anticipation grows as it is confirmed that Chapter 773 will be released on October 18, 2023, with English spoilers. Readers can expect a rollercoaster of drama, suspense, and excitement in this eagerly awaited chapter that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Unveiling the Chapter 773 Spoilers

It is anticipated that Chapter 773 will reveal intricate information about the military deployment of each involved country. Notably, with an estimated 300,000 soldiers, Zhao’s army is prepared for the Battle of Bango, while about 40,000 soldiers are stationed at Limoku in the heart of Zhao. The stark contrast between Zhao’s powerful army of 300,000 and Qin’s army of 250,000 makes clear the seriousness of this impending conflict.

Sima Shang, one of the key players, will clash with Wang Jian, setting the stage for a battle in which the number of soldiers may not be the only determinant of victory. Sima Shang, the army of Wang Jian, is a formidable foe whose true strength is unknown. Meanwhile, Hishintai, which consists of approximately 30,000 soldiers, takes its position on the right wing, poised to make a significant impact.

Yang Duanhe leads the opposing left wing, which is made up of mountain dwellers and various tribes. However, concerns remain about Kinari’s emphasis on preserving the wall rather than defeating the Zhao army.

With this in-depth look at Chapter 773, readers can anticipate another exciting installment in the Kingdom saga.

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 773

Readers who want to follow this epic journey can easily access Kingdom Chapter 773 online. Weekly Young Jump, a reputable and legitimate manga reader website that provides free access to the most recent chapters, including Chapter 773, is the preferred platform for this adventure.

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