Most Hottest Female Swimmers in the world

The Trendy Story presents a list of the top 10 most hottest female swimmers globally, including world champions, Olympic medal-winners, and drop-dead synchronized swimmers. These attractive women excel in top physic and enjoy wearing nothing in and out of the water.

10. Hanna Maria

She is a Finnish freestyle swimmer. Hanna Maria also won the freestyle 100m championship at the 2003 World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona, Spain.

9. Laure Manaudou

She is a former Olympic, European, and world champion swimmer from France. She is also in the list of the sexiest women swimmers because she holds the world record in freestyle tournaments between 200 and 1500 metres.

8. Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard has seven Olympic medals, including four silver, two gold, and one bronze. She is one of the world’s most stunning female swimmers. She held the world record for the 200-meter breaststroke.

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7. Flavia Delaroli

She is from Brazil and is known as the sexiest women swimmers on the planet. She is an Olympic and National Record-holding freestyle swimmer.

Flavia Delaroli

6. Kerri-Anne Payne

She’s sizzling English, the world’s most gorgeous female swimmer. Kerri began swimming at the age of four, specialising in marathon open water swimming in the pool and long-distance freestyle.

5. Haley Cope

She is an Olympic medalist and former competitive swimmer from the United States. She is now retired, although she was a hot swimmer who won a silver medal at the Summer Olympics in 2004, set a world record in the 50-meter backstroke, and won eight world championship medals.

Haley Cope

4. Bia and Branca

We’ve all heard about the world’s hottest female swimmers, Bia and Branca. They are identical twins who began gymnastics and swimming at the age of three and synchronised swimming at the age of seven.

3. Zsuzsanna Jakabos

She is a Hungarian beauty and the most sexiest and sweetest swimmer. She competed in seven events in total at the 2008, 2004, 2012, and 2016 Olympics, winning the 4*200 m freestyle relay in 2008.

2. Natalie

Natalie cannot be left off the list because she covers all of the fields. She is the most pleasant and sexiest female who combines beauty and intelligence. Throughout her career, she has been a prominent contender, winning 49 medals in international tournaments.

1. Stephanie Rice

She is one of Australia’s most attractive female swimmers. Rice earned three gold medals in the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

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