Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 9: Release Date, Time, Predictions and Where to Watch

The latest episode of this suspenseful and humorous murder mystery, Season 3 Episode 9, will be released to fans of the popular Hulu series “Only Murders in the Building” soon. The narrative deepens and new suspects surface with each new episode, putting viewers on the edge of their seats. In this post, we’ll discuss what to anticipate from Episode 9, review Episode 8, and give you all the information of Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Predictions and Where to Watch

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date

The wait for “Only Murders in the BuildingEpisode 9 is about to end. The episode will debut on Hulu at 12 a.m. ET on Tuesday, September 26th, 2023. Fans are awaiting the next installment of this riveting murder mystery with great interest, even though the title and duration of Episode 9 have not yet been made public.

Season 3: Unraveling the Mystery

The third season of “Only Murders in the Building” has been nothing less than thrilling, including a variety of interesting suspects. Dickie, Ben’s manager and the star of the episode “Sitzprobe,” takes center stage throughout the performance. The most shocking discovery, however, is that Meryl Streep’s iconic performance as Loretta is actually Dickie’s mother, who is desperate to protect her son at any means.

Some viewers have complained that the build-up to the dramatic conclusion feels a little hurried, even if the most recent episode continues to provide the addicting comedy and surprise story twists that fans enjoy. Let’s review the major events in Episode 8 before moving on to our predictions for Episode 9:

Recap of Episode 8

“Only Murders in the Building” Episode 8 was packed with shocking disclosures and surprising twists, laying the groundwork for an explosive finale:

  1. Loretta’s Confession: By disclosing that she gave her kid up for adoption in order to advance her profession, Loretta throws a bombshell. Sadly, her kid turned out to be Dickie, and her career never rose to the levels she had envisioned. She makes the decision to write Dickie a sincere letter in the present to confess her previous deeds to him.
  2. Rehearsal Chaos: Oliver asks for no interruptions as he gets ready for the first rehearsal of his live musical. But when Mabel and the police show up, they think Dickie is the murderer, and mayhem breaks out. As rehearsals go on throughout the police probe, tensions are high.
  3. Police Interrogation: After Gregg is released, the police turn their attention to the musical’s cast and crew. While rehearsals are in progress, they question everyone present. Oliver and Charles are successful in placing a recording device in the interrogation room covertly.
  4. Suspicions Arise: Oliver assures Loretta of his confidence in her innocence when she confronts him about her book being stolen. He accidentally reveals, though, that Mabel thinks Dickie is the murderer, which calls their investigation into question.
  5. Discovery of Clues: In the stage manager’s office, where Mabel finds rat poison, Howard thinks there may also be shredded evidence. While Charles and Mabel go through Loretta’s belongings and find the letter to Dickie and a book of newspaper clippings, Oliver confesses his love to Loretta.
  6. Arrest and Revelation: The police prepare to take Dickie into custody, but Loretta surprises everyone by confessing that she is the murderer. After she is taken into custody, Oliver suffers another heart attack due to the dramatic circumstances.

Where to Watch Episode 9 Online

Exclusively on Hulu, “Only Murders in the Building” Season 3 Episode 9 will be accessible to those anxious to catch up on all the excitement. With just a Hulu subscription, you can watch this exciting series and participate in the investigation alongside the three amateur detectives.

Predictions for Episode 9

The scene is set for an exciting conclusion in Episode 9 after the penultimate episode of Season 3 ended with the bombshell revelation that Loretta had confessed to being the murderer. Here are several scenarios that could occur:

  1. The Dual Killings: Ben’s terrible passing occurred in two ways: first, there was a possibility of poisoning; then, there was a fatal fall down an elevator shaft. The same assassin is thought to be responsible for both murders. A twist, though, might be revealed in Episode 9—could there have been two different murderers involved?
  2. Dickie’s Suspicious Behavior: Dickie’s antics have sparked rumors all season long. His immediate response to Ben’s death and his decision to buy a handkerchief from Uma have been viewed with great suspicion. Dickie’s personality could be a key factor in the conclusion due to his compelling motivations and possibility to be the second murderer.
  3. Loretta’s Truth: Loretta’s confession and subsequent arrest have left many unresolved issues. Will she maintain her claim of being the murderer in Episode 9, or was her confession a deliberate ploy to shield someone else? The police interview will very certainly shed light on this key occasion.
  4. Continuing the Investigation: The trio of amateur detectives—Charles, Oliver, and Mabel—is unlikely to stop up on their search for the truth despite Loretta’s admission. They’ll keep looking farther down, finding more buried hints and perhaps revealing a larger plot.


The final episode of Season 3 of “Only Murders in the Building” is scheduled for September 26, 2023. The series has suspense, humor, and unanticipated turns, and it is anticipated that the last episode will provide answers to open-ended queries. As Charles, Oliver, and Mabel uncover the intricate web of murder and intrigue in the building, viewers can expect to join them in their search of the truth. Don’t miss “Only Murders in the Building” Season 3’s suspenseful finale, available only on Hulu.

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