Sued By Woman Charged In Dog Theft …WHERE’S MY $500,000 REWARD??? Full Story

L.A. Region Appointee Head prosecutor, Michele Hanisee, tells TMZ McBride was MORE than mindful the puppies were taken when she returned them in order to acquire the prize, and had realized the men associated with the going for quite a long time.

Also, Hanisee says she trusts McBride and co. figured they could get her included undetected in light of the fact that she was a white lady. She additionally calls attention to McBride is still waiting on the post trial process, and assuming that Crazy experienced any kind of monetary misfortune, individuals could look for monetary compensation from McBride.

In a genuinely shocking claim, the lady accused in association of the burglary of Woman Crazy’s French Bulldogs, says the vocalist never followed through on her guaranteed $500,000 prize and presently she believes a court should drive the vocalist to hack it up.

Jennifer McBride says Crazy made it exceptionally understood, she’d pay the $500k “no inquiries posed” when she declared the award back in February 2021 after her canines Koji and Gustav were taken from her canine walker at gunpoint.

McBride says she returned the canines to Crazy at the LAPD Olympic People group station on February 2, 2 days after they were taken.

Here is what McBride was charged in association with the burglary with getting taken property and being an assistant to the wrongdoing sometime later.

With respect to her connection to the crooks, she was supposedly dating the dad of one of the men answerable for attacking Crazy’s canine walker.

She later argued no challenge to one count of getting taken property and got 2 years probation.

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