TikTok Banned: Tiktok ban on European Union staff devices, this is the reason

TikTok Banned For EU Staff: ByteDance is the parent company of Tick Talk. This is a Chinese company. Recently the company has had to face Weston Investigation Agency.

European Commission Ban Tik Tok For Staff: Tiktok is a Chinese app. This app has already been banned in many countries. It has been accused of stealing data. That is why this action has been taken against him. In this episode, now the European Commission has also taken steps. An EU spokesman told AFP on Thursday (23 February) that he banned TikTok on government equipment because of data security.

The ban by the European Commission means that its employees cannot use Chinese apps on official devices with official apps installed. This has been confirmed by the news website Uractive. EU employees have been instructed to remove the app as soon as possible. According to the instructions of the EU, they will have to remove this app by 15 March of the next month.

Improper use of personal data
The name of Tiktok’s parent company is ByteDance, which is a Chinese company. Recently the company has also had to face the Weston investigation agency. The reason behind this is that the investigating agency feels that the company is using the user’s personal data in a wrong way. The US last year banned the use of this app on federal government equipment. At the same time, some American MPs are trying to ban Tiktok in the US. Last month, the Dutch government reportedly advised public officials to stay away from the app over similar concerns.

Tiktok accepted the mistake
Tiktok admitted in November last year that some employees in China could access the data of European users. TikTok chief executive Shou Zi Chew was in Brussels last month for talks with EU officials, during which he warned TikTok to ensure the safety of European users’ data. He stressed that the company was working on robust systems to process the data of Europeans in Europe.

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