10.  Old Fashioned

The old fashioned’s basic formulation has made it a staple in the hearts of whisky lovers everywhere. This classic cocktail has its roots deep in the annals of cocktail history. 

9.  Mimosa

The mimosa is a beverage synonymous with high-end American leisure, often served at lavish brunches, elegant lunch parties, and other gatherings held in the early spring.

8.  Margarita

Even if you haven’t tried many other kinds of mixed cocktails before, you probably already know what this one is. Lime juice, tequila, triple sec or cointreau, and ice make up the margarita. 

7.  Manhattan

As the name implies, Manhattans are a cocktail created for city life. This drink, which combines rye whisky or bourbon, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters, is strong, refined, and sophisticated. 

6.  Long Island Iced Tea

Sweet and surprisingly boozy, Long Island iced tea is a popular drink. An very potent cocktail made with gin, fresh lemon juice, tequila, triple sec, vodka, and white rum, finished with cola and served cold.

5.  A Daiquiri

One of the most popular drinks in the United States, the adventurous daiquiri is made by combining light rum, simple syrup, ice, and the pulp of half a lemon

4.  Espresso martini

Need a pick-me-up to get you through the night? The espresso martini has become a classic drink that may be served at any formal event.  

3.  The Traditional Campari Sour

You won’t find many standard cocktail recipes that use Campari. You’ll find a little drink here, coming in at a total of 2 ounces, but there are plenty of other alternatives out there.