Nintendo Disputes Switch 2 Rumors:  What's the Truth?

Separating Fact from Fiction in the Gaming World

Rumors of a Nintendo Switch successor, dubbed the "Switch 2," have fueled fan frenzy. Despite Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa's stated condemnation, evidence points to the contrary. This article digs into the debate.

Nintendo's Official Stance:

Nintendo's Official Stance:

Nintendo's President refuses to hold public or private talks regarding a prospective successor to the successful Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo stays tight-lipped about any potential successors.

Unsealed Legal Documents:

Unsealed legal documents and emails show Nintendo has been in contact with Activision regarding their future platform, comparing its strength to that of the PlayStation 4, raising concerns about Nintendo's goals and secrecy.

The Timing Mystery:

The fact that Nintendo made its statements during the Christmas season of 2023 has sparked conjecture about whether the corporation is purposefully withholding information in order to keep the spotlight on the highly anticipated Switch, which could interfere with plans to make holiday purchases.

Backwards Compatibility Dilemma:

The upcoming "Switch 2" raises the question of compatibility with the original Nintendo Switch's games, as Nintendo has historically been less inclined to support backward compatibility, with only the Wii and Wii U exceptions.


The gaming community is guessing about Nintendo's upcoming "Switch 2" as a result of supposition and newly discovered information, causing players to speculate on the legendary gaming brand's future.